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New Melbourne Street Disks
January 2015: Hosier Lane, Duckboard Place and Machester Lane, Melbourne 3000. Thanks to Lixxx
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Big Cartel Launch
December 2014. New online-store.

New Disk Art _ WIP
Oct - Nov 2014. A behind the scenes look at my new collection of floppy disk art
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Stencil Portraits
Portraits on 3.5" floppy disks, email me for a quote.

Available on disks or canvas.

Collective Tee
I was recently asked to design a T-Shirt for the June 2014 edition of Collective Tee, The world’s first wearable blog.

Pizza on Mars: NASA HAS JUST GIVEN A COMPANY A GRANT OF $125,000 TO DEVELOP A 3D FOOD PRINTER. Pizza is likely to be the first food item printed given the nature of pizza being layered and being made up of different components.

Outer space and Pizza have a common visual aesthetic: Cylindrical shapes encompassing levels of detail. I’m fond of mashing-up brands and the end result is a Pizza with layer toppings of both food and space components merged in with the iconic NASA brand identity

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No Frills CAVIAR
First solo exhibition @ Egg Gallery Fri 23rd November 2012

Paste Modernism 2012
Paste Modernism 3 was held at Cockatoo Island in Sydney: (Nov 4th - Dec 11th 2011) – as part of the Outpost Festival
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Melblocks 2010
Mini screenprinted blocks on original Melways pages (1940's)
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